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Provisional Papers Programme
The provisional programme of accepted papers is as follows. Timing information will be added shortly.
Modelling Urban Scenes for LBMS
Authors: Antonio Fernando Coelho, Antonio Augusto Sousa, and Fernando Nunes Ferreira
Visualization Across the Pond: How a Wireless PDA can Collaborate with Million-Polygon Datasets via 9,000km of Cable
Authors:Ian J. Grimstead, Nick J. Avis, and David W. Walker
Location-aware Visualization of VRML Models in GPS-based Mobile Guides
Authors: Stefano Burigat and Luca Chittaro
Pareto Based Optimization of Multi-Resolution Geometry for Real Time Rendering
Authors: Nicolaas Tack, Gauthier Lafruit, Francky Catthoor, and Rudy Lauwereins
SSIML: Designing Structure and Application Integration of 3D Scenes
Authors: Arnd Vitzthum and Andreas Pleuss
Web-based progressive geometry transmission using subdivision-surface wavelets
Authors: Jens Jessl, Martin Bertram, and Hans Hagen
Generative 3D Models: A Key to More Information within Less Bandwidth at Higher Quality
Authors: Rene Berndt, Dieter W. Fellner, Sven Havemann
Function-based Representation of Complex Geometry and Appearance
Authors: Qi Liu and Alexei Sourin
X3D-UML: Enabling Advanced UML Visualisation Through X3D
Authors: Paul McIntosh, Margaret Hamilton, and Ron Van Schyndel
Visualization of Molecular Quantum Dynamics - Part 1: A Molecular Visualization Tool with Integrated Web3D and Haptics
Authors: R. Andrew Davies, Nigel W. John, John N. MacDonald, and Keith H. Hughes
Web-Based 3D Visualization in a Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Authors: Qiming Wang and Bonita Saunders
YABLE - Yet Another Behaviour LanguagE
Authors: Tony Burrows and David England
A Virtual Human Architecture that Integrates Kinematic, Physical and Behavioural Aspects to Control H-Anim Characters
Authors: Lucio Ieronutti and Luca Chittaro
A Java Web Application for Allowing Multiuser Collaboration and Exploration of Existing VRML Worlds
Authors: Clifton G.M. Presser
The Virtual Learning Space -- An Interactive 3D Environment
Authors: Anja Le Blanc, Jonathan Bunt, Yien Kwok, and Jim Petch
Extensions for Interactivity and Retargeting in X3D
Authors: Pablo Figueroa, Omer Medina, Jose Martinez, and Roger Jimenez
High Quality Parametric Visual Product Configuration Systems over the Web
Authors: Alvaro Segura, Iosu Arizkuren, Iñaki Aranburu, and Iñaki Telleria
Towards Virtualization of User Interfaces based on UsiXML
Authors: Jose Massó, Jean Vanderdonckt, and P. López